Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Has it already been a whole month?

This is the only day off I've had in weeks and I was so hoping to show up at Knitomatic for a little S&B therapy I've missed due to rehearsals in the last few weeks. Last night was the orchestral dress rehearsal for The Marriage of Figaro - we open tomorrow night(Yay!).

Yesterday was also the first day of my period. Let me just tell ya: big final opera rehearsal + big first day of menses = some very bad voodoo. Fortunately, after the first couple of days, things tend to ease up for me. And the adrenaline rush would get me through performance anyhow, but I'd pay for it later.

So sadly there will be no S&B for MezzoDiva tonight. The only way I’m leaving the house today is if I am dragged kicking and screaming from a smoke-filled burning building. My cramps have cramps and there’s a magnificent migraine trying to take up residence behind my eyes. I can't see straight enough to knit. I’d cry but that would hurt my head too much.

I'm going to crawl back over to the sofa now and wallow in self pity until this day is over. Sing it with me ladies: “I enjoy being a girl!”

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