Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pssst... I have tentative plans to go camera shopping tomorrow (which is now today, I suppose, as the clock struck twelve here half an hour ago). If my rehearsal ends in time before the store closes, DH and I will go buy ourselves a little something happy. Yeah, I know you've heard it before. But this time I mean it! (Keep your needles metaphorically crossed for me.)

As soon as a camera is acquired I will post pix of the Stitch-Diva cardi-wrap in progress and also of the container and contents of the fabulous first package I got from my Secret Pal (ummm...okay, so the chocolate truffles may will be conspicuous by their absence by then, but I can show you the box).

Work on the cardi-wrap progresses slowly now as show-time approaches and rehearsals become more intensive, leaving less tiome for backstage/offstage knitting. I have to say it gets lots of positive comments from curious onlookers as I'm knitting, though it's just a baby rectangle so far - I'm not even up to the first armhole yet. It's amazing how a simple rectangle with sleeves can become something glamorous and divalicious - at least it is in the pattern and in my mind so far.

The Manos wool is definitely fighting me on the dropped stitches. I'm now laddering down after about every dozen rows to avoid the velcro-like tendencies which seem to increase in direct proportion to the number of new rows knitted since the last dropped section. However, the colour striations are coming out exquisitely in the cables and the dropped sections.

A friend and I decided to do our own mini scarf-swap: She's crocheting for me, and I'm knitting for her. She wants something sleek, chic and elegant, and after perusing patterns and suggestions, requested a Leaf Lace Scarf like this one Bernie made from Nora's modified vogue pattern (go see Nora's terrific designs).

Nora decided to be a designer and so she is one. I think it's terrific that she is sharing these (for free!) with the knit-blogging community. What goes around comes around and she will be rewarded, whether financially or otherwise. All Nora's designs are lovely. I'll definitely be visiting her pattern site frequently for inspiration.

I too have ambitions to design and Nora has motivated me to tidy up my own home-made efforts and offer them here. Once my current crazy schedule slows down a bit, in a few weeks, I'll go for it!

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Nora said...

Thanks Ramona!

I've put you on my blog list and will drop by here regularly.

Which yarn will you use for the scarf? I think a plain colour will do more justice than a variegated - I learnt the hard way!

PS: The e-card was hilarious!