Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I am up in the wee early hours of dawn - a highly unusual occurence. I was so cold my insides were shivering. Have you ever had that feeling? It's very different from a surface shiver. It really feels as though your viscera are shivering and it's a bizarre disconcerting sensation. Particularly when lying snuggly next to a nice warm DH in our nice warm bed in early November. I have had this feeling on prior occasions, but only outdoors in a mid-January freeze-over with a windchill of -20. (That's celsius, darlings. Do the math. I'm not awake enough to do it for you.)

So I decided to make a nice pot of herbal tea to warm up my internal organs. I'm sitting in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil, with a vague "how did I get here?" look on my face. I figured I may as well be blogging to stay awake long enough to accomplish the making of the aforementioned tea. The tea which really should be progressing further long about now, come to think of it... Oops. Hold that thought I'll be right back.

In my many years there are a number of things I have learned about kettles (there is fleeting wisdom coming so catch it as it passes by). It is NOT true that a watched pot (or kettle) never boils - it just takes a bit longer. However, an unplugged electric kettle does indeed never boil, so I just sheepishly crept back over to the counter to plug in the kettle I filled about, oh, let's say 15 minutes ago, and promptly forgot about until I used it as an excuse for why I find myself awake, downstairs, and blogging at the crack of dawn.

Did I mention I do not function well in the morning? No, I am not lazy. I am a night person. I am a reasonably intelligent and capable woman who will happily function well past the witching hours. In the morning, however, I am an idiot. If you want anything done that requires a modicum of intelligence or basic common sense, let alone physical co-ordination, do not expect it from me before the crack of noon.

The kettle is boiling, so I leave this post for now to go warm up my innards. You might hear more from me before the day is through, but you might not. I have Acts 3&4 of The Marriage of Figaro to memorize before evening, so I can make no promises to update the knitting content today. Here are some headlines for the meantime:

The heating hold-out continues here at casa MezzoDiva as minor contention ensues over who will succumb first to the human imperative to be warm and go buy replacement filters for the furnace... I have resorted to sly knitterly tactics, using the cold conditions to motivate and flaunt completion of my heavy (tweedy doubled Fortissima-socka) socks while simultaneously delaying making promised slippers for the DH, however I anticipate having to brave the laughter of onlookers and knit myself a nose-warmer. Please stay tuned for further reports...

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