Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fall Cable KAL 2006

Who knew? It seems, despite all my previous opinions and professed identity, I am actually a joiner at heart. I would not have believed it, but clearly knitting and blogging is bringing out my true nature. Go figure.

I finally succumbed to the urge to join the Fall Cable KAL 2006 and make up some delicious cabley goodness! Unfortunately, my blog and I are still pictorially challenged, but I anticipate acquisition of a digital camera before month’s end (I hope) and then I can finally post pictures of WIPs, FOs, and other knitterly goodies.

Meanwhile, here’s my fall cable project info (with pictures borrowed from the product web-sites for your enjoyment).
I am making the gorgeous glamorous Cable and Dropped-stitch Cardi-Wrap from Stitch Diva, using Manos del Uruguay wool, in colour no. 111 (Navy, Plum, Rust & Golden Peach).

Wow! How beautiful is this? And just wait until you see it worked up in the pattern!

I am modifying the pattern slightly: instead of the regular double rib lines, I added a twisted rib worked on the same rows as the pattern's cable, for a complementary cable accent to the horseshoe cables.

I started knitting it yesterday, and I am totally captivated. I have to mention the Manos wool has a sticky tendency to felt itself together just from being knit up, which makes dropping the stitches a bit difficult. I am already unpicking it row by row with a needle - I have to gently coax them apart. So I am dropping the stitches in sections, laddering down after every 24 rows or so, instead of waiting to drop them all in one fell swoop. I’m afraid that if I wait until it's all knit up the yarn will have bonded with its neighbouring strands make dropping the stitches at the end a major painstaking effort.

Glad to be in on all the cabley fun!

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Knittinreed said...

I'm with you - not really a joiner, but KALs are pretty fun! Your Cardi-Wrap looks like a fantastic project.

Good luck with your memorization of the Mozart. As an oboist, I am so awed by your ability to do that - our memorizations are usually by choice.