Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Today's agenda:

Funeral this afternoon. Not someone very close, but still…

Cramps? check. Headache? check. Backache? check.
Cranky? check. Moody bitch on wheels? check.
Hormonally challenged to the MAX!

Sock knitting - frustrating. Dropped stitch in short-row heel.

Hot soup, Advil, comfy slippers, sympathy and TLC c/o
underappreciated DH.

Not fit for human company. MIA from S&B - again. Aaargh!

Where the F--- is the CHOCOLATE???

1 comment:

H-Star said...

spiritual principles may complement psychological in these circumstances. when you understand everything but are still angry, forgiveness can be the missing link. forgiving the people who have hurt us helps us let go of the pain/anger/resentment and get on with things.