Sunday, February 04, 2007

Runagogo! Week number five.
[28/1/07-03/2/07]: 5 miles.
20 miles down. 80 more to go.

[PSST!...Knitting content below]

This brings my total mileage to a nice round twenty. I will get out and celebrate with a 2.5 to 3 mile walk just as soon as I get over this lovely combo of cough, cold and cramps. I was doing very well until Wednesday, when I must have started incubating this bug, just in time for Thursday.

Thursday afternoon I had a music theatre audition (and to add icing on the cake, my period arrived) but I was still keeping the bug at bay by strength of will. On the way home, however, I started to really feel it. Friday it settled in, though I’m proud to say that before it did I went out for a slow and gentle 1.25 miles to the local plaza and back. Saturday and Sunday were spent mostly in bed or on the sofa, sleeping a lot, knitting a little, and guzzling several pots of herbal tea while contemplating the alien creature that seems to have crawled into my sinuses to die. Tonight I feel as if I might just be up for getting out a little tomorrow. Actually, I’ll be out tomorrow either way - for a walk, if I feel better, or to the doctor if the sinuses haven’t yet haven’t cleared, since I am prone to sinus and ear infections.

Last week was supposed to be my week to break past the five miles a week average, but all things considered I should be grateful that I actually did get five miles done. The spirit is willing and eager, but the body - well, right now not so much. I really want to start lengthening the distance of my walks to between 3.5 and 5 miles in the next couple of weeks. By the end of February I’d like to build that up to at least 5 miles four times a week or more and then longer distances in March, not just in order to get to my 100 Run-a-go-go miles by April 1st, but more importantly to get ready for the real distance training that should start in April in preparation for the Toronto Weekend to End Breast Cancer, which is 60 km (37.5 miles) over two days in early September.

I know, I know. I promised there would be knitting news. I may have been remiss in reporting it, but there truly has been a lot of knitting related activity around here in the last couple of weeks.

First and foremost I want to thank my fabulous (and evil) SP Laura for just spoiling me silly.
I received my second package two weeks ago, gleefully opened it up and drooled all over it, and then I packed it back in the box because I had so much other stuff going on. The box was eyeing me reproachfully from it's corner until a few days ago because I hadn't even sent her a note of thanks or anything. Aaack! Bad Secret Pal!! Rude Secret Pal!!! Fifty lashes with a wet skein of cheap acrylic!!!!

Now that we have our handy-dandy digital camera, I can finally show you pictures of all my SP9 loot! Well, almost all of it... The only remaining physical evidence of the incredible chocolate truffles in my first package last fall is on my buddha-belly and I will spare you the sight of that. YES, I did share them with DH (well, the split was about 80-20). But the rest of my haul will be right here very soon (please try not to drool over the keyboard). Unfortunately, my currently horizontal physical condition precludes much activity, which means you'll have to wait another day or two for details and pix.

I neglected to mention that I was unmasked by my own spoilee Angela, a knitter-extraordinaire of whom I will remain forever in awe. She caught me about 3 weeks ago and commented here, and I am delighted that I will finally be able to tell you all about her, but this too will have to wait until I'm less vertically challenged. Until then I'll leave you with a small taste of her magnificence: this woman has knitted not one, not two, but several Hyrna Herborgar shawls. Yup. She just whips them off like I might do with a plain vanilla garter stitch scarf. Sheesh.

I 'll tantalize you with more hints of future posts: I've started scheming and plotting for my Project-Spectrum/Stash-Knitting projects... I have more sock news (as well as my first ever commission!)...and, hmmm, what (else) have I been knitting?

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Carol said...

Oh it sucks to be sick! Take it easy, drink fluids etc...just like your momma used to say!