Sunday, February 11, 2007

Runagogo! Week number six.

Off again. On again.
[04/1/07-10/2/07]: 2.5 miles.
22.5 miles down. 77.5 more to go.

That was not a winning week, what with the lingering respiratory bug, monthly hormonal challenge, back problems and all. Ugh. But it wasn't all a washout: a couple of mile-and-a-quarter walks bring my total up a bit.

And though it's not in my weekly total above (because Sunday is part of a new week and I'm being scrupulously honest), there's another 2.25 miles I did today with ease, and we're off for another one tomorrow - aiming for 3 miles or more from now on.

With just under seven weeks left, I began to question whether or not I'll get to the hundred by April 1st. But I realized last night that's not the most important part of this for me. This has been a recommitment to activity for life and even though it's evolved as two steps (weeks) forward and one step (week) back, I probably wouldn't have made even this much progress if I hadn't truly resolved to use Runagogo to make movement a part of my life again after the last five years of sloth.

Of course, in a couple of weeks the weather should permit me to start biking again and then I could chew up the mileage. But I would really like to make the hundred miles goal just by walking (with my back and ankles running is not likely) - and that means just 11 miles a week which is still totally doable. The bike will just be my reward (wheeee!) for walking more.

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Sophia said...

Hey there - totally off-topic, but I realised I never thanked you for your comment on my depression post back in November. I really did appreciate the time you took to write. Hopefully will get a chance to meet you chez Haley at some point. :)