Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I started and restarted so many cable projects in the last few months, but only a couple of them made it past the potential stage.

Here's my one and only actual FO: a pair of Stulpen inspired by the ones Angelika posted at the Fall Cable 2006 KAL last fall. Hers were a variation on this pattern (scroll down for English instructions), she added the partial fingers. I made mine as armwarmers.
Actually this pair is spoken for - they're promised to my MIL, but I've worn them a couple of thimes to make sure they fit and function. I am now stash diving to choose more yarn for a quick pair of my very own. And I think I need a matching headband too to keep my ears warm when I go walking (it's still cold here for at least a month).

Speaking of cabled goodness, I am STILL undecided about the right yarn for that sexy curvy cabled cardigan . The assymetrical cables are gorgeous in almost everything, but the reverse st st background just doesn't appeal to me in many yarns. Actually, the reverse st st looked pretty good in my blue-grey worsted Misti alpaca, but then the cables lost definition. I might try it in my turquoise SWTC bamboo. I have lots of that. I'm pretty sure I don't have enough of the purple.

I'm also restarting my Stitch Diva dropped-stitch cabled cardi-wrap (the project formerly known as the Fall Cable Fiasco). I have a big bag of Berocco's Boho in the lovely Burgundy colourway that should work beautifully. The ribbon will give it the required drape and the subtle colour and texture variations will provide interest and depth without detracting from the cables.

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