Sunday, February 18, 2007

Week number seven.
Need to build up momentum.
[11/1/07-17/2/07]: 6 miles.
28.5 miles down. 71.5 more to go.

Another week below my goal. Still, I have to say that those 6 miles (and most - maybe all - of the 28.5 so far) are more than I would have done without the extra incentive I get from participating in Run-a-Gogo. And I am being scrupulously honest in tracking my mileage - which is another victory for me. No corners cut, no rounding up - in fact often I am probably rounding down.

With just under six weeks left (yikes) I seriously might not make one hundred by April 1st. I’ll have to up the ante to 12 miles a week to get there. Hmmm. Well, that’s still doable. Especially given the improving weather. I still really want to make the hundred miles goal just by walking. I may have to change my plan and let my bike gobble up some of the remaining mileage for me.

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Carol said...

Way to go. Keep it up. Hopefully the improving weather will continue. We all know at this time of year, weather is a chancy thing...