Saturday, September 30, 2006

Waaaaaah! MezzoDiva wants a digital camera!

Okay. I just needed to get that out of my system. Really.

I’m somewhat cranky about not having a digital camera and hence being unable to post my own pix on my blog. I've become a bit infantile about delaying this particular gratification (in case you couldn't tell) so the DH and I talked about it and decided that we are going to fudge the budget and just get one in the next couple of weeks. It won't be our dream camera - I'm not going to sell an organ or anything. We just want something reasonable and functional. The always brilliant Haley had a great idea about using airmiles or some of the other points that just accumulate around my magnetized plastics and never get used. (Thanks H!)

I’m asking for some info/input from my fellow knitters and bloggers. If you have a digital camera (or if you have your eye on one for future acquisition) please reply in comments to the following questions: What make and/or model of digicam do you use? What do you like about it and why? What do you dislike about it? Is there anything else you think might be useful to know about it? If we get enough data, maybe I'll collate and post our own little consumer report (from the knitblogging demographic p.o.v.) and likeminded folks will get some help choosing one too. Thanks a megapixel!

In knitting news: several sympathetic readers have inquired about the condition of my coffee-soaked sock and its travel companions. I rinsed out the poor sticky drenched thing right on the needles, laid it out and gently pressed it between two hand towels, blocked it a bit... and the prognosis looks good. (Umm, just so you know, I do not recommend recommencing knitting until it dries.)

It took a while to rescue the rest of my knitting bag contents, especially the sweater project and the assorted inspirational yarns (I won't subject you to all the horrific details). Fortunately, nearly all the victims of this tragic incident are recovering nicely, though some of the printed patterns still look vaguely ill, a sickly sort of mottled beige that I fear will never go away. The lingering symptom is purely cosmetic, however, and if necessary we will deal with any image and self-esteem issues that may arise.

I just picked up Cookie's gorgeous Katrina Rib pattern (so named because all of the proceeds go to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina aid) and I'm really looking forward to knitting it up! Now I just need to go spelunking in my stash to find something scrumptious to make it with. (Maybe I'll make her part of a funky twinset with Wendy's Something Red...)

And Lolly's fabulous Socktoberfest 2006 starts tomorrow!

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