Friday, September 22, 2006

I've lost that lovin' feelin'.

The thrill is gone, baby. The purple raglan cardi and I have been estranged lo these past three days. The guilt of the first couple of days has made way for indifference. I don't know how long she will languish in neglect, but I suspect at least several more days of cold shoulders (pardon the pun) before we make up. Neither one of us has done anything wrong, we've just been seeing too much of each other for a while.

Meanwhile I am spending much time stash-diving, ogling and somewhat cataloguing my amazing hoard of string from the boxes and bags stacked precariously at the top of my stairs. (Mmmm... so pretty...heh heh drool) About once a month or so there's an attempted mass escape and we have an avalanche as assorted balls, skeins and clumps of fibremake a break for the exit. I really need to consider an alternate storage location for the stash.

I'm also working on several sock singles and fantasizing about various shawls, wraps, shells, pullovers, scarves, fingerless gloves, and even hats. Hats! I AM NOT now nor have I ever been A HAT PERSON. At least not in this incarnation. Perhaps I wore bowlers to bed in another life, but this time around no hats for me.

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