Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Really?! REALLY?!!!

I am usually on owl hours, because I’m often up and rehearsing or performing at night and too high on adrenaline to sleep before 2 or 3 (A.M.), so for the most part, nothing is in my calendar before the crack of noon and the phones are usually off in the morning. In fact, I should probably be asleep now, for so MANY reasons, but I’m up and starting to juggle my to-do list before the crack of dawn which is the only reason I can take a minute to post this little rant so early.

I am swamped (almost literally), with no break in sight until mid-May, juggling prep for work (upcoming concerts, etc…), business and legal transactions (house) and several personal crises all requiring my immediate attention at once, and culminating in, most spectacularly: the crumbled collapse of the ceiling and flooding in my bedroom around midnight last night from water damage with the incredible amount of snow we've been getting and the freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw roller coaster of the local temperatures!

So I slept "al fresco" last night, listening to the slow repetitive residual drip while gazing through the new unplanned skylight in my bedroom, with the window open too (to vent any unwanted mold, dust, dirt, insulation material or other breathing-friendly crap) and the heat off (no sense heating the outdoors). Toronto temperature was -8 C last night, in case you're wondering, and it's not much warmer now. And - just to motivate me - it's going to -16 C tonight. So the bedroom ceiling is rather high on the priorities list right now.

I'll try and take a picture of it for you when I can function a little more, but I can’t even look at it right now or I'll start to hyperventilate.

Meanwhile, I'm in quite some pain and discomfort - it's got me too frazzled to knit, which is why I've been spending so much time on Ravelry, distracting myself with wishful queue enlargement beyond life expectancy. I'm under doctor’s orders to be doing nothing more than resting (LMAO), recovering from my infection (and the antibiotics with nasty side effects) and fever (which made it a little okay to sleep in a room with an open ceiling and window last night), with gastrointestinal muscle spasms when I'm not cramping from my period (and vice-versa), as well as recent injuries to my ankle and shoulder, and exhaustion from the peri-menopausal menorrhagia (BTW: shouldn't a Super-Plus tampon last longer than 2 hours?).

I did manage to get a few hours of drug-induced sleep (or was it coma?), but woke up coughing (surprise?). DH slept downstairs on the sofa (both to keep warm and to spare his asthmatic lungs from breathing in the debris and fumes) - which, of course, has totally screwed up his back.

So things are a little rocky at Casa MezzoDiva. The unrelenting weather, all the stuff on our to-do list (house, lawyers, MILs, work...), plus my illness, his anxiety and our mutual fatigue already had us both at DEFCON 1 with little concentration, hair-trigger irritability, and less than one nerve left between us - and that's before the potential swimming pool in the roof came crashing down. Let's just say we're not playing nicely and unless someone whisks away to a Caribbean island for a day, wipes our memory of the current situation, plies us with pina-coladas and mojitos, and fixes the roof and ceiling while we are somewhere else, oblivious and warm, I fear that one of us may not come out of this totally unscathed. It's a toss up as to which one.

Three things are becoming abundantly clear.
1. The universe is trying to tell me something.
2. I am clearly going to need much better drugs or I am going to have to take up medicinal alcoholism.
3. Despite the impossibility of finding a free uncommitted week before May, I will need a vacation soon - for medicinal purposes, as well as recovering any semblance of sanity.


Carol said...

holy fecking winter batman! That totally blows.

Suna said...

Oh my gosh! No wonder you've been favoriting so many of my projects! You poor, sick dear. And your poor ceiling. I have a couple of friends up north who've had issues like yours. (My friend from Toronto is here working this week and sitting there grinning his head off because he has on short sleeves.)

But anyway, OH WOW. I've had a couple of these huge conglomerations of bad things in my life, and they really try your soul. Know that there are people out there who care and want things to get better for you!

affectioknit said...

Oh My! I hope it all gets better really really soon!