Monday, February 23, 2009

Help! I've fallen down and I can't get up.

Well, not literally. But my get-up-and-go got up and went and apparently it took my knit mojo with it.

I am not sick anymore, but my energy level has not bounced back and I am ALWAYS tired. I've been trying to recover and get ready for yesterday's concert (which went just wonderfully, thank you, if I do say so myself) and that's taken up the sum total of my attention, motivation and strength.

But it's a sorry knitter's state I'm in. When I look through the list of WIPs in my Ravelry notebook or pull things out of my mountain of projects to visit with them for a while, all the enthusiasm I can muster is a feeble: "meh."

Any suggestions would be welcome. What do you do when the knitting blues come down?


Northmoon said...

Check your B12 levels. My body doesn't make it as efficiently as i get older, and I notice a lack of motivation/energy when I forget to take it.

Chelle said...

I'm in a major slump here too...busy and a pile of minor health issues have completely sapped my strength and concentration for knitting. What to do? I ripped out everything, EVERYTHING I had on the needles. I just hated setting myself up for failure. I cast on a few things that I had knit before successfully...figuring that I needed a couple easy wins before tackling new stuff. What's your fave sock pattern??

Allison L. said...

I get the "meh"s periodically as well, and oddly enough, the path that seems to lead back to knitting knirvana is... not knitting.

I throw myself into another craft for a while (the latest was making kusudama, decorative origami). After I finish one or two projects in my "mistress craft" (I always feel like I'm cheating on knitting when I do this), I can't wait to get back to the knitting. Sounds crazy, but that's my pattern.

I figure, why knit if I'm not feelin' it? I cheat for a while, and then I'm excited about knitting again. And cheating on my knitting doesn't hurt anyone's feelings, or end in bitter fiber divorce, and I end up with some cool new creation to admire in the meantime.

Maybe it will work for you, too :)

Carol said...

here I was afraid you'd hurt your ankle again! As for what I do, well, I go read the VLT on Ravelry. (very longest thread)....a huge timesuck....

H-Star said...

everyone feels the 'meh', it is the february blahs.

your options ...

a. start something you want to wear in the spring

b. make a quick little baby project for a friend

c. bright, spring colours will make you happy

d. make a gift for someone else, it doesn't matter if you like it

eusebius said...

I hear you on this. I have 2 recitals this week and can only bring myself to do plain stockinette. The only thing keeping me going is that I'm doing my first ever toe-up sock, which is sort of fascinating.

Maybe a new sock-knitting approach? You've probably tried most of them ... like 2 circs, magic loop etc. but there must be something out there!

Carrie said...

To add to what Northmoon said, you might want to get your iron and vitamin D levels checked as well. Tiredness is a classic symptom of anemia I think, but D is also very important in metabolic functions. I had a slight deficiency of the first, and major deficiency of the second, and felt like absolute drek all of the time. I am on super supplements now to get back up to normal levels, and am feeling much, much better. (And taking just a multi won't really help, especially if you take it inconsistently or your levels are already low.)

Also: winter's almost over! Maybe think about making something for spring. :)