Friday, July 06, 2007

Hi, my name is MezzoDiva and I am a lapsed knit-blogger. It's been a month since my last blog posting and so much has happened, but I just haven't been in the frame of mind to blog about any of it.

In the last month, though, my knitting has been sporadic and mostly uninspiring: lots of aborted ideas, false starts and swatching and ripping. I was just not satisfied with it. It wasn't even soothing the frustrations of recent weeks, but rather adding to them instead.

I did almost finish my second pomatomus sock which has been languishing since the end of May, then I ran out of yarn just before I got to the ribbing on the cuff! I'm pretty sure I was just knitting a lot looser on the ankle and leg on the second sock, so I've ripped back to just past the heel and now I'm reknitting it and tightening up my stitches every couple of rows.

While pondering how to renew my knitting mojo I was lurking around and inspired by all the lovely shawls and stoles (and by Rochelle - I will blame you when it goes snafu)I just took the plunge this afternoon and signed up for Mystery Stole 3. I'm a late joiner - sign ups close tonight and many participants have already finished the second clue (which came out yesterday - sheesh!). Though I am a shawl/stole virgin, I really love lace patterns and have done lace socks and tops. But I am game for this adventure and suddenly I am feeling fibre-frisky again!

Now I am considering several laceweight options from my stash: There's the Purple Misti Alpaca - I have 2 skeins (437.5 yards each, so that's probably enough). I have one gorgeous skein of Midnight-Rainbow(aka Harlot’s Peacock) merino-silk (950 yards) from Perchance to Knit and also lots of a beautiful deep emerald green recycled merino from The Twice Sheared Sheep (on eBay). Decisions, decisions... And should I take the plunge and try the beads too?

I also went over to Annie Modesitt's place and got myself a copy of her fabulousRed Carpet Convertible pattern. You should go visit, read the story, and make a donation.

Well, clearly my interest in knitting has been sparked again!

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Yosemite said...

Great to see you post again. I've missed you, welcome back to blog land.