Saturday, April 21, 2007

Someone posted a comment on my blog entry from last November where I announced my decision to walk 60km in two days next September in support of the Princess Margaret Hospital and the campaign to End Breast Cancer. The commenter's remarks regarding some pervasive myths about Breast Cancer contain valuable information, so I decided to post them for all to see (because though I am flattered, let's face it: he/she is probably the only one reading as far back as November 2006 in my blog, and even if someone did go digging in my archives, I can't see them going into the comments too!)
Anonymous said... Breast Cancer symptoms:
Common Breast Cancer Myths

The first myth pertaining to this disease is that it only affects women.

Second myth that is associated with this disease is that if one has found a lump during an examination, it is cancer.

Third is that it is solely hereditary

The next myth associated with breast cancer is downright ridiculous. Would you believe, that in this day and age, some individuals still think that breast cancer is contagious?

Conversely, some individuals foolishly believe that breast size determines whether or not one gets cancer.

Finally, another myth that is associated with this disease is that it only affects older people. This is not so. Although the chance of getting breast cancer increases with age, women as young as 18 have been diagnosed with the disease.

You can find a number of helpful informative articles on Breast Cancer symptoms at

Meanwhile, I recently received this from the organizers of The Weekend:
Only 200 spots left!

Your friends and family have probably heard you talking about The Weekend to End Breast Cancer® benefiting Princess Margaret Hospital for some time and they’ve been waiting to decide whether to join you in this amazing adventure.

If you have friends that are interested in registering for The Weekend, forward them this email and let them know that the time to sign up is NOW because there are only 200 spots left!. Very soon, it will be too late for them to join us at this unforgettable weekend. Thanks to the incredible response we’ve received from caring women and men like you, registration for the 2007 Weekend is closing imminently.

Encourage your friends to join us today! They can select here to register, or call us at (416)815-WALK(9255).

The Weekend to End Breast Cancer
Benefiting Princess Margaret Hospital

And remember, you can always sponsor me here or just click on the button at the right near the top of my sidebar the right.

It's really not too early to sponsor me, and the sooner you make your donation, the sooner the funds become available to the Princess Margaret Hospital foundation for use in crucial research and valuable support endeavours.

Any and all donations are welcome and appreciated. However, if it is within your means, please consider making a donation of $100 or $200 or more. As you know, people are more likely to make a larger contribution if they see that other folks have done so already, so your generosity will be contagious! And you'll get a nifty tax receipt to use next year around this time (something I'm sure we are all painfully aware of right about now!).

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