Monday, April 30, 2007

Another quickie post for SP10 Robyn's group - contest#4.
Q: What is the oldest yarn in your stash? Show us a picture, tell us when you bought it and why you bought it. Was there an intended project or did it just call your name and you wanted to own it just to pet?...

This stuff is Casablanca Grand Cable from Stahlsche Wolle, 68% cotton 32% acrylic worsted weight. It is at least 20 years old - the ball band says "made in West Germany". I bought tons of these at Simpsons (a store now long nonexistent) for 79 cents a skein (regularly $1.59). At the same time I picked up great quantities of this stuff in black, ecru, navy blue (what's left after the tragic garbage shute incident) and a burnt orange, but not nearly as much as I got of this saturated fuschia colour.

I probably have about 40 skeins of this fuschia stuff, some of them intact as these 4 are, much of it previously knitted (in the late 80's) and worn and washed and then dissassembled into balls and cakes which I pull out every year about this time and dabble with for a couple of months, promising to (finally) make something with it. As a matter of fact here's my current attempt, sneaking into the picture above.

There's also lots of Anny Blatt wool - worsted weight ("No. 4") in Royal Blue, Tomato Red, Deep Purple and Teal Green, as well as some in a slightly chunkier weight ("No. 6") in a Ballerina Pink - all from that same shopping trip, my first ever stash-building expedition. If I can dig that stuff out, I'll show it to you later.

What can I say - it was the 80's and my tastes ran to hot colours worn with black. And you know what - I still like them!

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