Sunday, April 15, 2007

Quick post for SP10 - contest#3 for Robyn's group.
Post a picture to your blog showing me either your fave pattern ever knitted by you - or your most hated project that once you finished it - you absolutely wondered "Why the heck did I knit this".
Here's my absolutely fave knit and the start of a long addiction: my very first sock ever! That's me last summer at Knitomatic just after I was taught by Haley (also the photographer). I'm the one with the squint and the idiotic grin on my face (Meaghan's behind me wearing her nifty quick shrug).

You really should have seen the look on my face earlier though, right after I finished the toe. I wanted to strut around the streets, chest puffed out like Tom Hanks in Castaway, bellowing: "I HAVE MADE fire A SOCK!" (Fire... meh. Socks will keep your feet warm and wool is even flame retardant so you won't singe your tootsies.)

Number one socks were simple stockinette made according to Wendy's Generic Toe-up Sock Pattern with Koigu KPPPM P115.
I have no pix of the finished socks but they were gifted to my mother and I can tell she loves them because she keeps them tucked in her usual chair in her home office to keep her feet cozy when she's at the computer or taking a nap or watching TV.

As for my most hated WTF was I thinking project - that goes far back in the mists of time to my first sweater knitting attempt (in the late '80s) and I don't have a picture of it, though if I dig through my old knitting mags perhaps I'll find the pattern to show you. The lovely navy blue cotton that I had knit into a sweater fit for Quasimodo became the scapegoat for my frustrated early and naïve gaugeless efforts. I had a full on tantrum during which I wantonly tossed the finished sweater down the apartment garbage shute. My inability to forgive it (or myself) complpetely turned me off knitting for over a dozen years.

But I'm feeling MUCH better now.

Please ignore the twitch.

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