Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weeks ten, eleven & twelve.
[04/3/07-10/3/07]: 10.75 miles
[11/3/07-17/3/07]: 10.75 miles
[18/3/07-24/3/07]: 0.75 miles.

No matter what the calendar says, Today is always the first day of the rest of your life.

Wow! I just read Kelly Jo’s report of her return to active duty after health problems derailed her original plans – and her renewed commitment to 100 miles in 100 days on her own calendar. Go check out what she says about it. I’ll wait.

See? She’s so right and her attitude is most inspiring: it’s really not about any externally imposed calendar or any arbitrary deadline that someone else has set. There is no official magical date on which to start acting on your commitment to your own health, happiness or well-being.

I was demoralized because after proudly bouncing back from several setbacks, last week (number twelve) I just plain flaked (last week's total, week twelve = 3/4 of a mile!).

After that bout of vertigo I had a month ago (week nine: 3 miles), I got back up and put 10.75 miles under my feet both of the next two (weeks ten and eleven). Even with a sprained ankle (my own 17 year recurrent Achilles’ heel, as it were), I was out there treading the pavement.

But last week, I flaked. I walked less than one mile and I didn’t pick up my bike from the shop after its post-winter tune-up. I wallowed in sloth.

And you know what – I just realized that I needed that! The week before last was INTENSE. I had four days of incredibly concentrated creative output in rehearsals as well as another small performance gig and I got a pattern submission in just under the deadline.

So what if I fell off the wagon for a week! I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself. And I have already shown myself that I have the inner strength, grit, determination and emotional resilience to go the proverbial distance (even on that sprained ankle).

So I'm up to a total of 62.5 miles so far this year (only walking). I've known for a couple of weeks that I wouldn't make 100 miles on the hoof by April, but I figured on at least 80, and maybe get some or all of the rest on my bike. But after last week’s little unplanned holiday, I suppose I’ll have to settle for 70-75. And do you know what? I’ll settle for that. I don’t have to be an A++ student anymore. I can settle for a B or even a C.

Because I lied. There actually is a magical date to begin (or to begin again) and that’s today. Whatever your goal or desire, whatever change you need to make to reclaim ownership of your life, be it for your health, your relationships, your career, your community, or your spirit – do it. Now. Commit to the first (or next) positive act, the first (or next) block or mile, the first (or next) healthy choice, the first (or next) smile, the opening gesture, the overture, whatever will bring you even one step closer to your own purpose.

As a performing artist I have come to truly admire and respect those who can pick up the ball that was dropped: a good save is worth much more to me than a perfect show (and there never really is one of those, so get over it).

So I am gearing up and on my way out the door. Are you coming with me? I can wait until you get your shoes on.


acwo said...

I like your blog very much
keep it up!

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration. A very timely post. Thank you for writing it. Good luck with the pattern submission. I hope your pattern is chosen.

Your Secret Pal

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Good for you!