Monday, March 05, 2007

Promises, promises.

Despite my best intentions to show off all the lovely SP9 loot I received from Laura, the swag didn’t have a close encounter with my digital camera for weeks! In my defense, there have been few days of coincidental good light and image capturing opportunity. But that’s a poor and shoddy excuse for not sharing her exquisite taste and generosity with all the bloggerly inclined.

We eventually had our photo-shoot last week and then I was knocked down with the whole room spinning thing... excuses, excuses... I will now (finally) post a detailed pictorial spread to tantalize you with the exquisite stuff she sent me. Feel free to drool and turn green with envy.

I opened my first package to find a gorgeous box-board valise decorated with images of exotic clay pottery. Inside were exquisite goodies, starting with this skein of luscious handpainted merino-mohair, a.k.a. Schaefer Yarn's Anne.

Along with that, there was a very heavy overstuffed box of Evelyn's hand-dipped chocolate truffles - sorry, no pix, they are long long gone (terrific boozy ones - all the important food groups were covered). And last but not least the Classic Elite book 9075 Luxe, which contains the pattern for my coveted curvy cabled cardigan!

My next package arrived near the end of January (and yes I did send a thank you note at the time). This box was practically overflowing with fibre goodness and various indulgences. Let's see with the whole shebang, then I'll break it down for you.

First the yarns. She sent me some gorgeous handpainted merino from Chewy Spaghetti AND two skeins of what might have become my new favourite thing in the whole world (if I could find more of it, which I doubt - I think it's discontinued): Karabella Chameleon, a dk/light-worseted merino with 20% silk and 10% cashnmere. Seriously - this stuff really might make me change my mind about knitted underwear. Sooooo soooooooft.

There was yummy pampering body scrub and body butter from the Body Shop in a tropical fruity scent. Also shown here is the card I received with a photo of her lovely baby girl. Since it's a partial nude, it goes here in the bath and body segment. I call this masterpiece "Becky-in-a-Bag."

A box of fancy sea-creature organic Belgian chocolates and a fabulous assortment of teas, as well as an appropriately titled book of decadent recipes (I gained 10 pounds just leafing through it!)

And last but not least some nifty polar bear stitch markers, travel size Soak samples, as well this lovely soft undyed wool roving (blue-faced leicester) and a truly beautiful hand spindle.

She's evil! Seriously - if I'd been paying more attention I would definitely have nominated her for a best pal award. Since I'm a SP newbie, I suppose she'll just have to settle for my deepest thanks and delight for spoiling me irredeemably rotten.

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