Saturday, March 03, 2007

Runagogo! Week number nine.
A setback. I am unbalanced.

[25/2/07-03/3/07]: 3 miles.
40.5 miles down. 59.5 more to go.

This week’s obstacles included major menstrual cramps and headaches (though no migraine), snow storms and freezing rain, and then a three-day bout of vertigo.

Vertigo. It’s as though the room around me is spinning while my body is stationary. With my eyes shut, it feels like I’m spinning or moving; when they’re open, my environment seems to whirl counterclockwise past my field of vision. The symptoms are triggered by movement, worst when rolling over in bed, looking up, or bending over. When I’m not feeling worried or scared, it’s actually quite a fascinating phenomenon.

Given that, I’m satisfied with the 3 miles I did manage this week. It means I am just under sixty miles from the goal. With just four weeks left to April 1, I would need to get in 15 miles a week, so I might not get there after all. But I am farther along than I would be if I hadn’t started this walking project. And it doesn’t really end in April. This is just the start of a lifetime commitment to get up and move!

Meanwhile, I suppose it all depends on whether (or how soon) the vertigo goes away. It has diminished today, allowing me to finally get out for a short walk, but symptoms returned after we’d gone 1.5 miles so that became the finish line. And yes, if it persists I will go to see a doctor early next week. Actually, I’ll go even if the symptoms pass. Just to check things out.

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Carol said...

Definitely have it checked out! It is probably just on eof those things, but just to be safe....Also, while you are there, ask the doctor about the Epley maneuvers to fix it. It involves positioning the head in specific ways and seems to fix vertigo in a number of people....