Thursday, December 28, 2006

Haley at my fave LYS Knitomatic is knitting Evelyn Clark's Shetland Shawl from Wrap Style. The pattern is easy, with a repeat that you can pretty much memorize after a couple of times through, and I'm a sucker for these pretty leaf/flame shaped laces. Though I am a lace-knitting fiend in garments, I haven't made an actual shawl per se, so I'm willing to cut my shawl-knitting teeth on a simple pattern.

It's on my list for early next year - maybe in my lovely FA cosmic-dawn Kidsilk? But I only have one skein of that (repurposed from the SKB when the new shipment to my LYS didn't match my older one enough to make a tunic). I'm at least 100m short of the pattern requirements and I really want an even bigger shawl anyhow. Perhaps I'll use one of three huge skeins of Fiddlesticks Country Silk I'm still hoarding.

I really love the pointy edging, too. Hmmm... I still haven't found quite the right finish for 2D-Girl's Leaf Lace scarf and those points could be very nice. Maybe I'll try a swatch of 'em alone to see. Here's my dilemna. She crocheted an absolutely gorgeous scarf for me. I finished her scarf and the Leaf Lace is beautiful, but it needs a little something to finish it off. A fringe isn't quite right and tassles are gorgeous but too heavy for the Leaf Lace. It really needs a somewhat delicate yet funky touch for the edging. I ordered all three of Nicky Epstein's "...Edge" books from the library to look for more ideas, but they haven't arrived yet. I also want to press-block the scarf between a couple of towels using a gently warm iron to help define the lace (in the absence of blocking rods).

While I wait for the books, I continue work on (cue the fanfare, please)MY OWN sock pattern (It's nearly done! I am SOOOO excited!! Does anyone out there want to be a test-knitter for me? Please leave me a note in the comments) and a Manos vest for my stepdad's upcoming 70th birthday on New Year's Day (or for the DH, if stepdad won't wear it). I showed it to Mom a couple of days ago and she reiterated her concern that Manos colour 111 (Navy, Plum, shot through with some Rust & Golden Peach) is OTT for stepdad, after which I had to set it aside for a few days to clear my head about it. I suspect my Mom is mistaken about the Manos being too flashy for him and a mutual friend agrees with me. I also found the grey SRK monkey scarf I started a few weeks ago (bowing my head in shameful admission of a lingering fondness for cheesy fake fur novelty yarns). It was hiding in a bag with music from the show I was working on at the time (never unpacked in my hasty leap into the next gig - you'd be amazed what miscellany I find months later accidentally tucked away with my music) so I picked it up again for a few reassuring "let's get reacquainted" rows.

We went to a terrific Xmas party last Saturday night! There were lots of new and old acquaintances, there was great food and drink, some carols for the kids, more food and drink, hot and cold running laughter. We are generally not party people: though we both play well with others, we each tend to mix best with different crowds. But we both had a truly great time, we both drank just a bit too much wine (mine red, his white), and then we stumbled home on the TTC giggling and cuddling. It was great!

The day after (Xmas eve) was spent sleeping it off, puttering around in our pyjamas, rehydrating with water and herbal tea, and tidying up the house which I swear was clean before we left for the party! And on Xmas day I dug out the crock pot and made a yummy Boeuf-Bourgignon inspired beef stew we are finishing the last of today. I used some raspberry/red-wine vinegar instead of wine for deglazing the pan after searing the beef and caramelizing the garlic and onions, and threw in some extra root veggies found in the larder (turnips, sweet potatoes) because they needed cooking.

I had originally planned to cook the beef on Xmas eve day (the day after the party), but I lost any kitchen-craft impetus when a family friend brought an overwhelming car-full (really, a car full - stuffed to the roof!) of second-hand clothes for me to choose from before it goes to charity. OY! Just what I needed! More STUFF to sort and purge. But she has a great sense of style and the champagne budget I lack, so I'm methodically digging through it all. A diva's gotta look (and dress) like a diva, if you know what I mean.

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Carol said...

Yup, this is the season that makes it all go by way too fast! I hear ya. I also hear you about the Sherland Triangle. I have been coveting one myself....