Thursday, October 12, 2006

Benign stalker.

My SP9 pal dropped me a line a few days ago from her anonymous email account to inform me that she'll be spoiling me for the next few months. She said that she scoped out my blog and my answers to the swap questions and indicated that we have a lot in common (like what?...) and this is going to be tons of fun for both of us. She proceeded to threaten me with yet more questions at a future date. Then she asked me whether I'd prefer that she avoid any hints at all as to her identity, or would I have more fun if she drops obscure hints ("really, really obscure, like you'd have to read every swap blog AND do some extrapolation of those blogs to figure out who I am").

Actually, I wouldn’t worry too much about me figuring out her secret identity: I’m such a complete SP neophyte that I initially set up my anonymous email account (from which to correspond with my own spoilee) using the same name as my blog profile display name. (Hmmm... yeah, that should be a tough one to figure out!) So much for my pretentions of intellect.

Fortunately I hadn’t yet contacted my spoilee, so I quickly set up another new and more obscure account from which I emailed both her and the SP9 hostess. THEN, to my shock and horror, I saw that my internet provider lists my real name in the header of all outgoing mail for my accounts and I quite sensibly PANICKED (fearing I had just spoiled the fun of the chase for my spoilee) until I realized that it won’t help her find me in the blogverse (heh heh…) because my profile name is an alter ego and searching will not connect my name to my blogger identity. I suppose she could try hacking into Blogger, but I doubt she'll go that far.

SO – to make a long story short (it's too late, I know): Yes, I want hints. Lots of really easy hints. Obscurity will be completely unnecessary. You could provide the URL and I might still get lost. For pity's sake, please just give me some breadcrumbs to follow.

And I am looking forward to getting to know my spoiler pal (if not during the next three months, then after secret identities have ben revealed).

Phew! It’s been such a stressful SP9 and I haven’t even started.

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