Sunday, March 16, 2008

Witch Hazel, from "Bewitched Bunny"
(Looney Tunes, dir. Chuck Jones, 1954)
Just in case you were worried, I am still here and doing fine. I'm just totally swamped right now with prep for the coming show and haven't the spare brain cells or the time to blog about anything.

Rehearsals for Hansel and Gretel are going very well! I'm doing two roles: the Mother and the Witch and I finally got my music learned properly (Whew!), with reassurances from the cast that everyone else they know who's sung the Witch struggled with it too. And now that I know the role, I am having a lot of fun with it!

This weekend is crunch time with costume fittings and music rehearsals yesterday, final staging and a run-through today, and the dress rehearsal tomorrow. I'll recoup vocally on Tuesday (it's a big Wagnerian honker - well, my parts are, anyway, the others are sweet) and just mentally review everything. Then I have two shows on Wednesday. On Thursday I expect to be vertically challenged (post-show-itis), but I hope to crawl out to SnB in the evening.

Meanwhile - because I haven't enough to deal with right now - my bedroom ceiling is cracked, crumbling and leaking snowmelt (right by my side of the bed, of course) because of an ice dam that's built up in my neighbour's eavestrough. Sheesh! But I refuse to let it get me down - I have a choice: either cope or don't. I choose to cope (because the alternative is to sit in a puddle, sulking, while I wait for my house to fall down around me).

It’s all seriously cramping my knitting and designing time (though I can sneak in a few rows while some other scenes are running without me). And the great decluttering and organizing has screeched to a halt, but that's temporary.

I owe several of you a shout-out for various reasons (you know who you are) and I apologize for the delay. I hope to get back to knitting and blogging and correspondence late next week or by the weekend...


Carol said...

Ice dam? More like Ice! Damn! I am soooo ready for spring. Bring on the hot weather!

Toni said...

What is the proper term in opera--Break a leg? Strain a tonsil? Whatever it is, wishing you all the best this week!!!!!!!!!!!

affectioknitter said...

Good Luck with Hansel and Gretel!

Knittinreed said...

Toi, toi!!

We did Hansel and Gretel last summer -what a great opera.

Anonymous said...

Hello I am so sorry about your roof.It always seems as though things get bigger , either you laugh or cry and hope that you are sane enough to quit which ever you choose.I would love to know how I could get a campunelas pattern , my son is into drugs violence and , keeps running away and coming back after one nervous breakdown my out is knitting .I saw your sock and love it if you could send a address i will pay.Also i have a weight problem and used to worry about it but now understand that there are better things to worrry about .Hang in there.

MezzoDiva said...

Shelda - I offered the pattern as a thanks to my sponsors for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer. Just go to my page on the website (address below) and make a donation online. They will notify me of the donation and I will send the pattern off to you.