Friday, May 25, 2007

This was an absolutely terrific day.

I had one whole day off from responsibility - no work, no rehearsals, no errands, no laundry. I had good food, good company, good knitting, and met charming people.

DH and I started our day with a sleep-in and a snuggle, and then we trotted over to the fabulous Thai restaurant for their incredibly delicious Friday lunch buffet. Exquisite - as always. And the company was great too! I am so lucky - I am married to my best friend and soulmate and after nearly 24 years together we are still madly in love, still find each other very interesting, enjoy great conversation at length, and laugh together a lot. (And his kisses still make me weak in the knees!)

In the afternoon I finally got to meet my sister-of-the-soul Rochelle in person: She's my Not-so-Secret-anymore Pal and it is a match made in heaven (Thank you, Robyn!). Rochelle and I have so much in common it is like we were separated at birth. And she has spoiled me thoroughly and absolutely beyond any hope of redemption. Warning to any future SPs: Rochelle and Laura before her have set the bar very very high. I consider myself a fairly lavish gifter, but I must humbly admit that I have been completely outclassed. The next few days are going to be crazy for me, but after the weekend I will post a detailed pictorial of the stupendous bounty with which Rochelle most recently blessed me (today).

Rochelle came over to my place to pick me up, then we wandered down to Knitomatic where we got to hang out with the fabulous Haley for a while and play with the fibre - Rochelle acquired several skeins of lovely butter-coloured lace weight Misti Alpaca and some purplicious Fleece Artist silk-wool sliver/roving, while I succumbed to the charms of one skein of Handmaiden Silken in a stunning indigo/royal/ocean/blueberry colourway and some Cherry Tree Hill Silk & Merino DK in an exquisite multi-pastel palette (yes, I said pastel - stop snickering, I can branch out a bit for spring).

After this small snack of fibre sustenance, we hit the road again to attend the Yarn Harlot's Canadian book-launch. Folks, if you've read Stephanie's blog or any of her books and articles, you already know this is one very smart and funny lady. But I have to tell you - you ain't seen or heard nuthin' until you have heard her speak in person. She shines the light on the foibles of knitters and the foolhardiness of muggles with an artless wit and a subtle natural command of irony - and in the process she takes no prisoners.

There were hundreds of knitters (to the awe and amazement of staff at Chapters/Indigo - GTA knitters represented!) and we were all helpless at her feet, laughing and cheering uncontrollably as she skewered the muggle media, and business community for their inability to see past their preconceived prejudices about knitters, and she occasionally hoist us on our own petards, albeit ever-so-gently and lovingly, all witnessed by the rather overwhelmed and dare I say sheepishly bewildered bookstore staff.

There is a rumour floating about the ether that it could not possibly have been the real Stephanie Pearl-McPhee as the lady both (a) was wearing a skirt and (b) had actually shaved her legs. However, rest assured that we do have genuine identity verification: three different samples of her signature from the book-signing were collected, the chain of evidence was scrupulously maintained, the handwriting compared to previous examples and they all passed the most suspicious scrutiny. You can't be too careful.

I regret that I have no pictures for you, but Rochelle took several and I will happily link to her blog and to postings that others are sure to make in the next several days, so that anyone who missed this event can enjoy it vicariously.

This whole day was the perfect mini-vacation from the current eddies of insanity whirling around me. Renewed and refreshed, MezzoDiva now returns to her previously scheduled programming.

The next few days I will probably be MIA from the blog as I am busy rehearsing for the upcoming Blue Bridge Festival, June 8-10 with Ardeleana: I have 6 different concerts in 3 days and a play which is practically a 30-minute monologue, so right now I am just hanging on to the raft as we hit the rapids.


Yosemite said...

Beautifully said, as always.

eusebius said...

How lovely when so many aspects of your life can bring you so much joy!! And your audience and knitsibs as well, of course :)