Sunday, January 28, 2007

Run-A-Go-Go! Week number four:
Return to Active Duty! Hurrah!
[21/01/07 thru 27/01/07] 5 miles
15 miles down, 85 to go.

I shook off my lethargy, honoured my impulse to get up and go at midnight on Tuesday, and we went out and walked a mile. Then we did another mile and a half on Wednesday night. Thursday and Friday were spent in unapologetic hibernation: I don't care what any meteorologist says, but minus double digits with severe (skin destroying) windchill is not a high unless you live on Mars. However on Saturday we were right back out there again and did a good two and a half miles in the snow. So although that's only 5 miles this week, I'm pretty proud to have returned to active duty.

If you don't count week 3 (the week I dropped out), then 5 miles is my weekly average for the first month of this new lifestyle commitment. I know that's low - I need to average 9-10 miles a week to get to 100 miles by April 1st. But I look at it as a good start. I'm not expecting to go from full stop zero to 10 miles or more in one fell swoop. That's how I used to approach my life. I'm a bit slow to learn these lessons, but I give in: All-or-Nothing did NOT work for me. That's how I got into this mess to begin with. Instead of trying to go at the max from the start, this time I'm committed to gradually building longer distances into my walks so my weekly numbers will grow - dramatically - as the weeks go by.

An added bonus is that DH and I are walking together most of the time and these walks are becoming a wonderful opportunity to talk about everything from the banal to the profound, the sublime to the ridiculous. While I can go walking on my own, it is certainly much more pleasant to have good company. And it's not that we can't or don't talk a lot at home. Communication is not a problem at all here at casa MezzoDiva. I am often in awe of my good fortune in finding this exceptionally sensitive man and persevering through our years together, building a life with him in spite of both our histories and the flaws and baggage we carry. But these walks are deepening the intimacy between us in wonderful and surprising ways. And that is becoming further powerful incentive to keep on walking!


Carol said...

Walking with good company makes the walk way more pleasant.

Angela said...

What a wonderful side-benefit.